Children's Dentistry in Los Gatos, CA

Two smiling children | children's dentist Los Gatos, CABecoming a parent is among the most monumental milestones we may reach in life. It ushers in a whole host of firsts: a first smile, to a first giggle, and the sour face that blooms from their introduction to a lemon slice. As parents, our children's firsts are ours as well.

Toward that end, Dr. Lin and his team are here to see that your children receive the care they need without feeling unhappy or afraid. With over 85 years of collective dental experience, we use a friendly and patient "tell-show-do" approach to put kids at ease. If we find that your child is resistant to treatment, we'll refer you to a specialist equipped to handle your child's needs effectively.

We are dedicated to the needs of both parents and children alike. Our commitment to your child is an introduction to dental care in a fun and positive environment where you both feel safe and secure. For parents, we provide clear communication about their child's dental needs, and we support the idea that parents make ultimate care decisions for their children.

We're here as a partner and guide towards achieving excellent oral health and your smile goals, from preventative treatments to education for optimal at-home care.

Baby Teeth and Where to Begin

The first notion most people have about baby teeth is that they're temporary. While that is true, they're also critical to developing your child's mouth and jaw as they transition to their adult teeth.

These baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, have numerous functions, which include:

  • The ability to eat a healthy variety of foods
  • The capacity to form syllables and words
  • A placeholder and guide for permanent teeth to grow in normally

One tip is to think of your baby's oral care when brushing and flossing your own teeth. Then, with your finger wrapped in gauze, you may gently clean their gums from birth to six months. This will remove bacteria and help accustom them to future care.

When their first teeth emerge, you may brush them with a specialized baby toothbrush and toothpaste. Remember that your baby is unable to spit, so use toothpaste sparingly. You also may use waxed floss to clean between your little one's teeth as more grow in beside each other. 

Your Child's First Dental Visit

We recommend scheduling your child's first dentist around their first birthday. Leading up to this, we also suggest bringing them with you to regular cleaning and appointment so you can model exemplary behavior, demonstrating that dental visits are not only routine but can also be enjoyable.

smiling child in dentist's chair | child dentist Los GatosDepending on your child's unique predisposition, we may start with an initial fun visit where they can explore the treatment room, learn about the technology, and sit in the chair before anything else is done. Then, if they feel comfortable, Dr. Lin can perform an exam and check that their teeth are developing as they should.

Treatments We Offer for Children in Los Gatos

Cleanings and Exams

Even the best at-home tooth care routine cannot rid your child of all the plaque accumulated over time. During your regular visits, Dr. Lin will perform a thorough examination and take the safest possible x-rays if necessary. This helps us catch any problems in their earliest stages and head them off before they grow.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is an element that we may recommend for children over two as an extra layer of protection from tooth decay. This treatment is safe and proven to help children maintain dental health, especially because fluoride brushed on as a varnish by your dentist can reach areas difficult to access via a toothbrush.

Dental Sealants

As your child becomes a little older, Dr. Lin may recommend the application of dental sealants to coat the biting surfaces of their back teeth. Like fluoride, this protective coating blocks the plaque caused by bacteria from sticking.

Please Call to Schedule Your Child's Appointment

Dr. Lin and his team share over eight decades of experience working with children. Our goal is to support and educate parents while instilling a positive attitude regarding their smile care in their children. We would love to hear from you and arrange to meet you and your family today.