Preventative Dental Care

smiling man getting a periodontal exam | periodontist los gatosHealthy teeth and gums result from excellent home oral hygiene upkeep and regular dental cleanings and check-ups. Through these preventative approaches, you are empowered to self-care, and we can discover any potential problems as they emerge. When dental issues are in their early stages, solutions are likely less complicated because most dental conditions are progressive, meaning that their nature is to become more severe given time.

Preventative dentistry seeks to interrupt this destructive progress. For example, the bacteria which cause tooth decay are in everyone's mouths, but we can keep that decay under control. At James Lin DMD we do this through exams, cleanings, and other protective treatments for your teeth and periodontal care for your gums.

Your First Dental Visit Is Comprehensive

Your visit to our Los Gatos dental office begins with a warm welcome from our team with your comfort in mind. Then, in our spacious treatment room, we perform a complete exam of your teeth and gums, including dental x-rays, an oral cancer screening, and a head and neck exam for your current oral health baseline. Our hygienist will also provide a dental cleaning at this appointment.

From the information we gather, Dr. Lin will combine your current health with future smile goals to tailor a personalized treatment plan. Before starting any recommended treatment, we will discuss details of any procedures, including cost estimates and insurance coverage.

Preventative Dentistry – Dental Cleanings, Exams, and More

Each person in Los Gatos should have a cleaning and exam twice a year, even if their oral health is excellent. First, our hygienist uses special instruments and techniques to remove tartar and calculus, a harder form of plaque that resists routine brushing and flossing. Then, we polish your teeth for that added glassy feel and extra sparkle.

smiling family on the beach | dentist los gatosWe also examine each tooth and evaluate your gums at this time. Our trained eyes can spot problems and advise you on how to treat them and what happens if you allow them to worsen.

In cases Dr. Lin feels are extra susceptible to tooth decay, he may recommend protective treatments such as fluoride varnish and dental sealants. Fluoride is a mineral that helps restore tooth enamel, while sealants cover teeth with a thin coating that repels plaque-causing bacteria.

Periodontal Treatments–For Better Gum Health

The word "periodontal" is the dental term for gums, and its associated disease is a silent threat to your teeth because your gums should provide a stable and solid foundation. But the same bacteria which cause tooth decay also attack your gums. The first indicator is gingivitis or gum inflammation. While gingivitis is rarely painful, reddened gums or bleeding when flossing are symptoms. As this chronic condition advances, you may experience loosened teeth and other serious problems. If untreated, periodontal disease can even degrade your overall well-being.

But at James Lin DMD, our hygienists are trained to spot periodontal problems and will recommend gum infection therapy. With the help of tools like an ultrasonic scaler, we can remove all bacteria both on and under your gums, places that are especially out of toothbrush reach. Then, we smooth your gums to make them easier to clean at home.

Routine cleanings prevent gum disease, and if you treat gingivitis, the condition is reversible. However, if you wait until your gum disease advances too far, the impacts may be permanent. That's why we are also committed to helping you enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth and gums through improvements to your home care routine.

Explore Our Preventative Dentistry in Los Gatos, CA

We value the opportunity to provide preventative dentistry to keep you on track for a lifetime of clean, beautiful smiles. We welcome new patients and families to our dental office, where we provide personalized treatment plans so that you’re in command of your oral health.