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What is a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing)?

Even with excellent hygiene habits, it's easy to miss small areas of your teeth. Over time, the missed plaque will harden into tartar, which we can only remove with a dental hygienist's tools. When tartar accumulates beneath the gum line, the result is red, puffy, inflamed gums – the beginnings of gum disease.

How We Treat Gum Disease in Los Gatos, CA

The appropriate treatment for your gum disease will vary depending on how far your disease has progressed and any contributing factors such as hygiene and other health conditions. But the most effective treatment is a deep cleaning procedure.

To perform this, we first numb your mouth to ensure your comfort. Then with special tools and techniques, we carefully and gently remove all tartar on and beneath the gum line, often called scaling. Next, we smooth your gums to eliminate areas where new accumulations may gather, especially in hard-to-reach places.

We will discuss your situation with you and recommend the treatment we believe will be the most appropriate for your unique needs.

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