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Do you treat children?

Yes! We are delighted to treat children with friendly care to make their dental visits fun. Our mission as a family dentist is to provide a comfortable and calm treatment environment, and this is especially true for kids. We intend to head off dental stress and anxiety before it even starts.

We recommend bringing your child in at age one or within six months of when their first tooth comes in. Our team has decades of skills and experience, and they recognize that your child's first dental appointments are critical to establishing a lifetime of positive experiences at the dentist.

Treatments We Offer for Children in Los Gatos

Cleanings and Exams

Even the best at-home tooth care routine cannot rid your child of all the accumulated plaque. So during your regular visits, Dr. Lin will perform a thorough examination and take the safest possible x-rays if necessary. This helps us catch any problems in their earliest stages and head them off before they grow.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is an element that we may recommend for children over two as an extra layer of protection from tooth decay. This treatment is safe and proven to help children maintain dental health, especially because fluoride brushed on as a varnish by your dentist can reach areas difficult to access via a toothbrush.

Dental Sealants

As your child becomes a little older, Dr. Lin may recommend the application of dental sealants to coat the biting surfaces of their back teeth. Like fluoride, this protective coating prevents plaque build-up caused by bacteria.

To learn more about our family and children's dental care, we encourage you to explore our website and give our dental office a call.

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